Dora du Plessis
Mannatech Independent
Associate, 2010
"I'm passionate about helping people reach optimal health and stay healthy, and at the same time helping to relief the suffering of malnourished children.

Our family has been on the Mannatech products for more than two years now and we are living examples of what optimal health can mean.

Let us help you gain
your life back,
explore financial
freedom and
Live for Real!"
Reach and Maintain Optimal Health.
Give your body what it needs.
As a company of hope, Mannatech believes that our cutting-edge, scientifically validated nutritional products provide one of the greatest opportunities for people throughout the world to help support optimal health and fulfil their dreams.

You can achieve your dream of staying healthy and fit. Our goal is to help you achieve the quality of life you deserve by helping you maintain health and a more youthful vitality. Take control of your health and share wellness solutions with others by learning more about Mannatech's new technologies.
Glyconutrients - Cell-to-cell communication
Complete cell-to-cell communication means your cells can relay vital information and allow your body to act upon it naturally.

- Glyconutrients provide building blocks for healthy cells and are the foundation for the cell-to-cell communication code, your body's "operating system."
- Antioxidants help protect your cells from constant attack by free radicals.
- Vitamins and minerals nourish healthy cells. Healthier cells mean healthier organs.
- Phytohormones, regulation to help maintain good health and well-being.

The term GLYCONUTRIENTS is a word used by the general public who each have their own opinion about it. The scientific term to be used is GLYCOMICS or GLYCOBIOLOGY. When you do an internet search on GLYCONUTRIENTS you will find a variety of unscientific and unsubstantiated opinions, rather search for GLYCOMICS or GLYCOBIOLOGY which will give validated scientific information.
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Mannatech® Independent Associate
Everything about Mannatech is real-real products, real passion, real possibilities. That's why we're not going to ask you to call our phone line and press a bunch of buttons to hear a computer voice asking you for information. Your first experience with us, when you want to order your products, will be with an actual, living, breathing person who is standing by right now to take your call or answer your email and walk you through the process of signing up to order products as Member or to become a Mannatech Associate. Just drop us your details in the form on the right and we'll get back to you soon.

However, if someone has already introduced you to Ambrotose and/or Mannatech and you just visited this site for more information, then call them right now or get together with them in person. Obviously, your friend is someone who cares about making a difference in their personal health as well as sharing wellness ideas with others. They know exactly what to do to help you get started to experience the same rich, real rewards with Mannatech that they have.
"Just a brief note of thanks for all your efforts and patience in getting me "up and running" with the glyconutrients and Mannetech.

I appreciate this and look forward to giving you positive feedback once I have taken the products.